Coming together,
Going forward.

Formed by local business and education leaders in 2012, Horizon Education Alliance is a non-profit organization working to improve educational success in Elkhart County.  HEA works with the community to launch and examine the outcome of innovative, evidence-based education programming for local residents from birth to adulthood. HEA believes this collaborative work can transform our county into a world-class place to learn, live, work and play.

Happening Now


Our Stories


Adult Education Success Story

Lori Manes found the start to success at Horizon Education Alliance. Lori came to Horizon Education Alliance (HEA) Adult Education in early February 2014 with a dramatic history.

Music Together Video

HEA and Goshen College Music Center provide the gift of music for parents and babies.


The Week of the Young Child

While a graduate student in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, I decided that maybe I should pursue being a pediatrician so I waited a year to apply and while waiting I became a junior high-high school mathematics teacher. 

Mentors Play an Important Role

A homonym is defined as each of two or more words that have the same spelling but different meanings and origins. An exemplification of a homonym occurred on Wednesday, January 28 when a group of people who actively court (try to get/seek) volunteers met in court (building or hall where trials are held, investigations conducted).

Early College Is A Game Changer

The graduation rate, a closely followed percentage in high schools, is losing its relevance.   It is not losing relevance because of lack of importance, but it is losing relevance, because by 2018, in Indiana, 55% of the new jobs will require more than a high school diploma.